New Home Construction

Building your new home in Maroochydore QLD? Are you a building company looking for fast, reliable and fast service to keep up with your builds? We are it, a complete package plumbing company well abled to keep up with the pace from 1-1000 + builds a year. Our team is large, dedicated and equipped with all the latest machinery and equipment to keep the pace with any demand

Hot Water Problems?

A New Hot water heater: We have our Maroochydore Plumbers on 24hr stand-by for all Hot Water Problems.

Tempering Valve: It is required now by law to install a tempering valve to any new or replacement of hot water system, our Maroochydore Plumbers will install and test your new valve to make sure the temperature is safe.

Lost Hot Water: It may simply mean you require basic maintenance or a new valve. Call and one of our experienced service technicians in Maroochydore QLD and we will talk you through the process.

Tank and Pump Installations: Water restrictions is now part of our daily lives. A licensed plumber is the best person to install a tank and ensure the tank installation will stand the test of time. Internal plumbing for washing machine and or toilet can be accommodated and all aspects of local council requirements are fully complied with.

We specialise in electric, gas and solar hot water and have no commercial affiliation with any one manufacturer and therefore we can recommend the brand and type that best suits your needs.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains: Unblocking a drain using an Electric Eel, Water Jetter or Plunger is what we do best either way…we get it done! We have Maroochydore Plumbers on 24hr stand-by.

Drain Cam & Drain Locating: Our camera location equipment can locate specific problems right down to the exact location saving excess digging, saving you more!

Excavation: If needed, we have our own excavation equipment making it quicker to respond to the problem without the need to hire equipment…we own our own!

Sewer & Stormwater Repairs: Repairs to underground and or concealed pipework is expensive. We guarantee our materials and workmanship and all certifiable work is inspected by local authority and or forms lodged in accordance with their requirements.

Complete Drain Replacement: Whether it is a sink drain or a completely new sewer, we have the experience and equipment to undertake any project.

Gas Fitting

Gas leaks: Can you smell gas? We are licensed gas-fitters and our team will ensure you get the quickest service for this type of problem. A gas compliance certificate will always be provided on completion.

LPG installations for replacing an electric stove with a new LPG stove, is a specialty. Call and discuss your needs with one of our team.

Pipe Upgrades: Upgrade today it’s quick and easy with new Gas Pex Piping System. Many old homes still have steel pipes and cause problems, particularly when homes are undergoing alterations. Call our team today to get a no obligation quote.

Gas Conversion: Cooktops, ovens, stoves & BBQ conversions from LPG to Natural Gas or Natural Gas to LPG. All work will be supplied with a Gas Compliance certificate as required by the gas authority.


Leaking Taps and Toilets: Fast service, written guarantee… Big or small jobs there all important to us!

Burst or Leaking Water Pipes: With the latest of water repair equipment we are able to repair all sizes of water pipes even under pressure!

Water Saving: Installing water saving devices is great for the environment. Call our experienced team to discuss your needs.

New Water Pipes: Old water pipes simply wear out. There are many new plastic pipes now available for replacement. Our team will use the correct water pipe materials suited to the specific need for repair. Call our team and arrange a quotation.

Cosmetic Improvements: Toilet suites, vanities, tap ware, tubs, sinks, and basins all in a days work for us. Arrange a quotation today!