A smelly bathroom doesn’t always mean you’ve just walked in there straight after your dad has used the toilet, nor does it mean you have a blocked plumbing pipe or a blocked drain, it can be something very simple.

Here’s the thing, every plumbing drain at some point needs to go through a gully, or in plumbing terms it’s called a ‘trap’.

A trap is a gully shaped drain which ‘traps’ water, once water is trapped it prevents smell coming out of your main drain and entering your house.

Heres the trick, most bathrooms have a bath, or should I say a ‘not used very often bath’, if this is the case your floor waste ‘trap’ is thirsty for water to trap and prevent smell, so walk in your bathroom and turn on the bath taps for about 30 seconds, after a day or so you should notice no smell.

If this doesn’t work and you still have a smelly bathroom, then maybe your drain is blocked, if this is the case then call Sunshine Coast most trusted plumbers and blocked drain specialist. We have fully equipped service vehicles waiting to service all throughout the Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Alexandra Headlands, Noosa, Buderim and all along the Sunshine Coast.